Catering Services and Policy

The Croatian-Canadian Cultural Centre has hosted many catered events since our grand opening in July 1984. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to the success of your every function and we look forward to coordinating your next event.

Banquet Room Capacities

Venue Min Guests Max Guests Deposit
(Fri Sat or Sun)
Great Hall




Red/White/Blue Room




Red Room




White Room




Blue Room




Red & White




Blue & White




Room Rental

Minimums: The above rates are based on minimum guarantees (minimum $ menu x minimum number of guests) – client is responsible for minimum attendance rates OR the actual attendance, whichever is greater. If final guest numbers will fall below the minimum requirements for your room, this can be remedied by a move to a more suitable venue within the facility( if available) or an increased room rental fee will be incurred as penalty for the number of attendees you fall short. This amount will be based on loss of revenue for that room.
Closing times for banquet rooms is 1:00 AM. All entertainment and bar service will cease promptly at close. If any personnel or equipment related to your function is not removed from the premises by closing plus 1 hour, overtime billing at a rate of $150/hour (and portions thereof) shall commence. The first hour is billable on the hour, in addition to any overtime charges for staff at their respective hourly rates. (See staffing services)


Deposits are non-refundable, unless the venue is rebooked for the function date at an equivalent value. In such case, the client agrees to the forfeiture of an administrative charge of 15% on the deposit or $75.00 which ever is greater, to be held until the conclusion of the function and ensuring that the Centre can cover all liabilities incurred on the behalf of the client.

·  The deposit; is to reserve the venue and damage deposit for the event in question, returned in full the week after the function.
·  The deposit required on Premium rates is in addition and preface to the applicable catering minimums (which tantamount to rental fees), and is required to reserve the venue.

Food Services

All food service is subject to a 15% gratuity and 5% GST. Beverage services are only subject to %5 GST. Attached menu prices for buffet and plate service will be guaranteed 30 days prior to function. Requested variances (additions or substitutions) will affect per person charge. A Banquet Event Order will confirm all selections made and price, in addition to discussed times, set-up styles etc. The banquet event order shall be issued to client for review and co-signature.
Mid-night Snack: The client may opt to provide their own evening snacks at a charge of $1.50/person, or $75, whichever is greater, for related service, rental, and maintenance charges. Heat can be made available in our kitchen for another additional $.50/person.
All outside catering is strictly prohibited unless approved by the Croatian Centre beforehand.

Guest Guarantee

Confirmation of the following details is due no less than 30 days prior to function date:
·  Total number of guests (due 7 working days prior to function date)
·  Head table guest count
·  Seating/table/room set-up
·  Bar/Wine arrangements
·  Itinerary; cocktails, meals, snacks, dancing schedule


Payment in full is due no less than three days prior to your function and can be accepted by certified cheque, bank draft, money order, cash, Visa, or MasterCard. Late charges MAY apply to ‘overdue’ accounts.

Beverage Services

All food service is subject to a 15% gratuity and 5% GST. Beverage services are only subject to %5 GST.

·  Coffee or tea is available, exclusive of Food Service, at a rate of $150/urn (100 cups) or $15/pot (10 cups).
·  A fruit punch is also available, exclusive of Food Service, at a rate of $60/60 serving lot.
·  Host Bar – Bartender & ticket seller wages paid by client.
·  Corkage service provides high-ball and wine glasses, ice and mixes including Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Clamato Juice, spices, lemons, limes, and celery sticks, as well as the bussing and maintenance service of glasses – at a rate of $5.75 per person. A charge of $1.00 applies for wine corkage should you elect to provide wine on tables for a total of $6.75 corkage if supplying all beverages.
·Alcoholic beverages that are supplied by the client to his/her guests must provide the appropriate licenses obtained from the Alberta Liquor Control Board, as well as liquor insurance, and presented to Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre Management.

·The Croatian Centre can reduce corkage fees depending on the services required, such as glassware and mix. This can be discussed in your appointment or inquiry with management.


All staffing services are subject to a 4 – hour minimum charge. Bartenders are $18/hour and Ticket Sellers $15/hour. Ticket Sellers are only required if you are using the Centre’s alcohol. Bartenders supplied by the Centre are always required. We recommend one Bartender for every 100 guests. 

Staffing Services

All staffing services are subject to a 4-hour minimum charge.

·  Event supervisors are mandatory for every function, billable from the first hour of access at a rate of $25/hour (included in fully catered packages) and doubling for every overtime hour that he/she is required on the premises.
·  Chefs may be required for the delivery of special or particular menus/requests; variable additional charges apply.
·  Bartenders, billable at $18.00/hr, fully trained and certified by the Centre, are required in order to operate the bar at a recommended rate of one-bartender/100 guests.
·  Ticket sellers, billable at $15.00/hr, are required to sell tickets for a ‘cash bar’ – clients are encouraged to exercise the option to supply their own personnel for this position.
·  Coat checkers, billable at $15.00/hr, are required to administrate the coat check – clients are encouraged to exercise the option to supply their own personnel for this position.
·  Set-up porters, billable at $15.00/hr, are required to significantly alter a room’s set-up – e.g.: put up or take down chairs for transitions – clients are encouraged to exercise the option to supply their own personnel for this position.
·  Cleaning charges (minimum $150.00) will apply to functions that drip wax on establishment fixtures or other rental surfaces, distribute confetti on the property, and any other infraction that otherwise compromises the serviceability, sale ability and presentation of the venue and equipment.

Decoration Services

A basic decoration package that includes the following is available at a charge of $700.00:
·  Perimeter LED Lighting (one of dance floor, room, or railing, depending on venue)
·  Table numbers, vases, easels, chalk and cork boards
·  Guest Book signing/candy bar/DJ/cake  Table Skirting
·  Head Table – Backdrop, LED lighting, risers
·  Head Table – Skirting
·  Trellis Lined/Mini-light Archway (entrance usually), silk flowers and pillars


  • Table skirts $75/ea
  • Screen (6 foot) $40
  • Screen (8 foot) $50
  • Wireless microphone $40/ea
  • Audio package (Microphone, screen & projector) $200
  • Linen napkins $0.75/ea
  • Podium No cost

·  Silk Flowers/Artificial Trees (as available for distribution throughout room)
*The placement or incorporation of outside materials or requests for differing or additional services/decoration may constitute additional charges and are subject to availability.
***SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) fees are charged to all functions that have music.


0-100 Guests $41.13
101-300 guests $59.17
301-500 guests $123.38